Our history

Mademoiselle Bébé: your new online thrift store for babies and children

Welcome to “Mademoiselle Bébé”! When it comes to finding good quality clothing at an affordable price, parents often feel like they're at a dead end. We have good news: "Mademoiselle Bébé" allows you to take up this challenge. Thanks to our online thrift store for babies and children, you can dress your little one with a reasonable budget and in a responsible consumption approach.

Mademoiselle Bébé: our story


Young parents of a little girl of almost 3 years old, we started from the following observation:

Our relatives and ourselves choose, with love, the adorable clothes of our children. That said, they grow up so fast and don't take advantage of it as they should.

Mademoiselle Bébé was born from the desire to be able to give a second life to these clothes. It is now obvious that they deserve to live several stories. Mademoiselle Bébé hopes to raise awareness of a different and more responsible mode of consumption.

Mademoiselle Bébé offers an online dressing room of second-hand clothes for children from 0 to 6 years old. Parents can thus buy brands up to -70% of their store price.

Mademoiselle Bébé saves time by bringing together several brands and sizes of carefully selected second-hand clothing in one place.

Mademoiselle Bébé is one of a kind. It is modern and timeless. She wants to promote a 2.0 image of second-hand fashion for children. It is classic while keeping a touch of madness and this is reflected in the selection of clothes and brands offered.

Mademoiselle Bébé: our concept



All the parts offered have been carefully selected, are clean and ironed.

Garments are combed through and graded according to their overall condition into three categories:

  • Excellent: near new, sometimes even new with tags. We have all already found at least one garment still labeled or never worn in our children's closet.
  • Very good: no signs of wear, it is stunning.
  • Imperfect: it shows signs of a first life or a minor defect (pulled thread, micro stain, etc.) and offers a reduced price accordingly. The defect is specified in the ad.

Why buy from an online baby thrift store?

Because it is above all an economical solution! Moreover, our rates are very advantageous, whatever the brand of clothing. In our online thrift store for babies or children , you will find outfits for all budgets, from the simple little dress to the big brand t-shirt. In addition, as our stock is renewed regularly, parents are sure to find new models and new brands each time. Whether it's for your baby, your little girl or your little boy, we have, without a doubt, what you need.

Mademoiselle Bébé, online thrift store for babies
Mademoiselle Bébé, online thrift store for children

Buy eco-friendly!

By buying second-hand baby clothes of quality on our online thrift store for children, you are helping to reduce your impact on the environment. Indeed, new clothes made on the other side of the world travel thousands of kilometers before ending up on store gondolas. Once too small, it is a significant part of the waste that ends up in the trash. So opt for second-hand clothing, as they are 100% recyclable.

Take part in our collection, become a seller

Don't throw away your children's clothes that are too small, sell them on "Mademoiselle Bébé" . In this way, you participate in our collection and you contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. We carefully select the outfits we put online to guarantee excellent value for money and win the hearts of thousands of parents.


Moomie est une marque française qui se distingue par sa fabrication locale. Tous les produits sont conçus et imaginés dans le Pilat par Sophie Pauze, puis confectionnés en Ardèche. 

Moomie est une marque éco-responsable, qui privilégie les cotons bios et certifiés GOTS. Elle s'engage également à produire en petites séries et à un rythme de confection raisonné pour lutter contre le gaspillage.

Chez Moomie, la qualité et le confort sont des priorités absolues. La marque garantit également des prix justes pour ses produits, ce qui rend impossible la mise en place de promotions à taux de réduction agressifs.

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En plus de proposer des vêtements de seconde-main pour enfants nous avions à cœur de mettre en avant des marques locales et françaises.  

Chaque marque a été soigneusement sélectionnée pour son engagement en faveur de la production responsable et de la qualité artisanale. Trouvez des vêtements, des accessoires et plus encore, tous fabriqués en France avec passion et créativité.